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Beauty from Within

At Esencia, we believe that the ritual taking place inside our bodies is perhaps even more important than our skin-care routine on the outside.

This is Celines, Esencia's founder.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Celines was surrounded by strong women who empowered her with a passion for self-care. Her family developed its own skin care rituals, creating home-made products from honey, oats and black sugar sourced from their very own sugarcane. As a longtime public figure, Celines has mindfully cultivated a sense of beauty both inside and out. Over the course of many years, she has time and time again confirmed that while genetics and the right products are critical to maintaining healthy and youthful skin, what’s just as important is how we choose to care for our bodies.

Stress, sleep, nutrition, gut health, and the ability of our bodies to produce collagen all deeply influence our skin’s appearance—perhaps even more than the creams we put on our faces.

When she moved to Miami to care for her sick mother, Celines was forced to put her career on hold. But while her public life transitioned to a quieter reality, her vibrant essence never dimmed. Nor did her love of nutrition and appreciation of beauty. In fact, being her mother's caretaker highlighted the necessity of prioritizing health. And so began Celines' journey with Esencia. 

Esencia’s products work synergistically to provide you with a comprehensive skin care ritual that enhances your beauty from the inside. Whether your goal is to improve the quality of your sleep (the time when your skin regenerates), increase your production of collagen proteins or reduce stress levels, there is an Esencia product to support you.

We invite you to join us on the most important journey—the journey of redefining your internal world. Welcome to the Esencia family.

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